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Johor Biodiversiti Database

Johor Biodiversity and Biotechnology Organization was establish on 27 April 2006 under the Johor Committee of Biotechnology and Biodiversity that ensconce by Y.A.B Johor Minister, Dato’ Haji Abd. Ghani B. Othman. J-Biotech vision is to coordinate the activities in the development of biotechnology and biodiversity sector in Johor region. That vision brought to the existance of mission that becoming a basic principle that also known as SOUTH GATEWAY PIONEER OF BIOTECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY The main function of J-BioTech is to encourage the economical and social development in bitechnology and biodiversity field. Besides that, JBioTech also play roles in conducting the trading and industrial activities in agriculture, health, research and training as well as collaborating with agencies at all levels, including public, private, or individual and foreign investors. At the same time, J-BioTech also responsible to give support in establishment of companies that interested in biotechnology and biodiversity activities by giving advice, consultation and aid in organizing related activities. To realize and objectify the mission, J-Biotech has establish the development network structure that called as J-Bionexus. It comprises of tourism sector development, education, training, human resource development, bioindustry, biotechnology entrepreneur, bio-incubator and bio-tourism.