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About JMarine

Malaysia has been classified as one of the 12 countries in the world , known as one of the center of matriarchal megadiversiti richness and diversity of natural resources , especially plants. This megadiversiti centers accommodate at least 60 % of various known species in the world. Malaysia is also recognized as one of the main areas of endemism of species in which most of the species found in this country is unique that it could be found in other parts of the world. Biotechnology and Biodiversity Corporation Johor (J-BioTech) in collaboration with relevant research agencies have planned a collection of Marine Life project, especially on the islands of Johor. Based on the experience and success of cataloging species of medicinal herbs in Johor National Park, we now intend to expand the scope of data collection to fauna especially marine species facing environmental stress. This project is preceded based on methodology, expertise and scope of the implementation.

Project Objectives
i . Creating a hub where information is easily accessible and effort contributed by the agencies and by consumer -related research through comprehensive research related to marine science , taxonomy , conservation and ecology .
ii . Ensure the sustainability of the country's unique biological heritage in the interest of the present generation and the future. In addition to ongoing monitoring to determine the action to be recommended to the government.
iii . Increase knowledge and values education , social, cultural and aesthetic of marine living resources of State.
iv . Emphasizing the importance of managing resources in a sustainable marine fauna , fauna and habitat preservation and protection programs of endemic and endangered species in the state of Johor.
v. Create public awareness relating to the role and importance of marine life in maintaining and improving the quality and stability of the environment

Interest in Long-Term Projects
i . Developments in information gathering marine life is extremely relevant to the current needs of the country in addressing the issue of global biodiversity .
ii . Investment that can be enjoyed by society but also can be used at all levels.
iii . Intelligent information sharing that can be accessed among research agencies involved.

Here is a list of experts who have agreed to cooperate with the Corporation Johor Biotechnology and Biodiversity ( J- BioTech ) .
i . Prof Dr Zulfigar Yassin - USM ( Mollusca )
ii . Assoc Prof Dr Azhar Hussin - UM ( Dugong )
iii . Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Effendy Abd Wahid ( Sea Horse )
iv . Dr . Mohd . Fariduddin Othman - Department of Fisheries Malaysia
v . Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Shahir Omar Shamsir - UTM (Database)
vi . Assoc Prof Dr Norhayati Ahmad - UKM