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Malaysia Seahorses

The origin of the name The Seahorses has been the subject of various conspiracy theories after a pair of NME readers spotted it was an anagram of He Hates Roses, and wrote in to the paper. Other anagrams include The Rose Ashes, and by dropping the definite article, She's A Rose. Squire responded "That's pure coincidence. I chose the name because at the time, I kept seeing them everywhere and because some people think they don't exist. They are unusual because it is the male of the species who gets pregnant."

Following the demise of The Seahorses, Squire continued work with drummer Mark Heaney and ex-Verve bassist Simon Jones along with new vocalist Duncan Baxter as John Squire's Skunkworks, but left prior to the band releasing material as The Shining. He later released two solo albums and toured both, before announcing he was quitting music to concentrate on his art.

Heaney formed The Shining who split after releasing one album and carried on working as a drum teacher and session musician, appearing on Squire's first solo album Time Changes Everything and working with Gang Of Four, Badly Drawn Boy and Klaxons.[15]

Helme pursued a solo career deal and went on to attack John Squire in the press, describing his material as "muso wank".[16] He then formed The Yards with Stuart Fletcher and former Shed Seven guitarist Paul Banks in 2001, who released two albums on their own "Industrial Erotica" label before splitting in November 2009 and has since resurrected his solo career with the self released album "Ashes". He later commented on his relationship with Squire that "I don’t have any contact with him now, I didn’t really when I was in the band - he was quite elusive.[17]

Fletcher is still active in the local York music scene. He regularly performs in covers band "The Mothers" and also played with Rick Witter in his short lived post-Shed Seven band Rick Witter & The Dukes.

The band's first drummer Watts fronted the short lived Mozer,[18] who split prior to releasing anything.[19] In 2004 he began performing sporadic solo acoustic shows around London.