Youth Townhall 2017

Aspirasi Di Awan Biru gives students the opportunity to interact directly with Major (Dr.) Faiz bin Khaleed, Angkasawan Negara through sharing of preparation in the determination of the future direction and the vagaries that need to be addressed.A total of 181 participants have attended the event ;

  1. SMK Infant Jesus Convent (36 pelajar)
  2. SMK Taman Daya 2 (42 pelajar)
  3. SMK Taman Desa Jaya (32 pelajar)
  4. MRSM Johor Bahru (40 pelajar)
  5. SMK Pasir Gudang (31 pelajar)


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Pertandingan Inovasi Kreatif 2017

  • The original purpose of the competition is to apply knowledge based on biotechnology that leads to problem-solving in everyday life. Not least, the program was able to produce many talented students in the production of world-class biotechnology projects.
  • 8 finalists have been shortlisted for the final stage as follows
1. SMK Gemereh Plastile
2. SMK Permas Jaya 2 Penjana Goncang
3. SMK Palong Timur Waste Palm Tree Cooking Oil (W.P.T.C.O)
4. SMK Palong Timur Copi Sawit
5. SMK Bandar Putra Sacchrum Sensation Soil
6. SMK Bandar Putra Sacchrum Absorbent Oil
7. SMK Taman Mount Austin XO-Shelf
8. SMK Taman Mount Austin XO-Switch

The Winners!

1st Winner : SMK Palong Timur –     Copi Sawit
2nd Runner-Up : SMK Gemereh –     Plastile
3rd Place : SMK Bandar Putra –     Sacchrum Sensation Soil
  • Congratulations to all winners and participants!